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CIMA 2019 September Semester Timetable

CIMA Class Sessions, February 2020 Timetable

Our CIMA Tuition Classes Timetables and teaching methodology are structured in a way that guarantee committed students a pass first time! No repeats! We have the best experienced and seasoned lectures who are gurus in the corporate world so we don’t just teach theory but impart skills and expertise. Contemporary Training use CIMA recommended study materials developed to ensure that you get maximum exposure to first-class learning, at a top-notch college. CIMA  Tuition fees – very affordable and we have flexible payment terms. Our quality of service is monitored and evaluated by the qualification awarding institutions.

To meet CIMA student’s unique personalised needs, we also offer ON DEMAND CLASS SESSIONS. CIMA On demand Class sessions are private one on one tuition / revision / exam coaching sessions which are tailor made to a particular student’s specific requests – for example a student may requests revision of a particular topic only or may request to be taught certain specific concepts only. The On Demand sessions normally suits those studying with other institutions; self study students; Students who failed an exam & would like to resit the exam in a short period of time and students who just want to test the quality of our classes. These class sessions are by appointment only and are billed hourly. To schedule yours WhatsApp/ Call/ Email our office