cima-remote-online-exams 2 May 2020

CIMA Remote Online Exams

Starting from Monday 4th May, every single one of CIMA’s 16 exams will be available to sit online and remotely.

This is such a great opportunity for any CIMA students who have had a change to their working life to keep up with their studies and progress through the qualification.

As you can imagine, there are plenty of questions around how the new process works and understandably, for something new, nervousness and aprehension from students as they approach these exams.

I’ve put together a few resources here that hopefully should help anyone planning on sitting their exams online.

Your first stop with any questions around the process should be our FAQ page, this is being constantly updated as and when questions come through:

Once you have booked and are ready to sit an exam, have a look at the videos on this page:

In the meantime, if you have a problem with your internet connection during your exam, this is what you need to do:

One common question we have had is how does the whiteboard work, unfortunately we don’t have alive demo of the Pearson whiteboard currently but this is a very similar piece of software and this is a good demo of the Pearson whiteboard

Before you actually sit your exam, you will get an email with a document covering everything you need to know from preparation for the exam through to getting your result, make sure you read this carefully.

For CIMA Tuition Classes or Exam Preparation Resources and Support, email


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