The CIMA Operational level (CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting) is the 1st level of the CIMA Professional Qualification and it consist of three subject areas or three Objective Test Subjects and a Case Study. The 3 Objective Tests Subjects are

  • E1: Managing Finance in a Digital World
  • P1: Management Accounting
  • F1: Financial Reporting

CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting Exams

The CIMA E1, F1 and P1 exams can be sat in any order but you may only sit for the case study exam after passing all these 3 OT modules. We recommend Students to take E1 & F1 1st and then P1 in the following semester. Upon passing all the 4 exams ie CIMA E1, F1, P1 & Case Study, a student will be awarded a CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting which is SAQA and QCTO registered at NQF level 6. The student will also be awarded with the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting part-qualified designatory letters ‘CIMA Dip MA’ and then qualify to proceed to the Management Level.

CIMA Finance Leadership (FLP) Programme

If you opt for the CIMA Finance Leadership Programme (CIMA FLP) then you will not sit for the OT exams but rather be assessed continuously while you learn (instead of taking objective tests). This means you will then only sit for and pass the CIMA Operational Case Study Exam to be awarded a CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting. For more information about the CIMA Finance Leadership (CIMA FLP) Programme email

Why Study CIMA Operational Level

If you are starting out in business or you are already working, but you need doors opened for you to the middle management space, CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting is the qualification that will open the doors for you. Whether you already work in business and want a professional qualification to help you progress, or you have no business or finance background and want to make a change, studying CIMA could be the best career decision you can ever make.

CIMA Operational Level Registration

You need either the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting, a relevant Degree/ Diploma/ Work Experience/ a Professional Qualification to be able to register for the CIMA Professional Qualification.  This means when wanting to register to study the full CIMA Qualification or any of its part qualifications, the first step is to check the exemptions you are eligible to apply for as this will determine your registration route and the level at which you may commence your CIMA Studies at.

We can assist you with the CIMA Student Registration process, free of charge. For more information about CIMA exemptions and CIMA registration click here. Alternatively, you can check for the exemptions you are eligible to apply for on your own by  clicking here.

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Where To Study CIMA

Contemporary Training is the place to study CIMA in South Africa and Africa. As a registered CIMA Tuition Provider, we offer a variety of CIMA study options. For more information about these study options click here. Our study options will provide you with all you need to be able to fully prepare, pass your CIMA exams and progress through the CIMA professional qualification faster.

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