The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Professional Qualification (PQ) is now known as the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) Professional Qualification (PQ). It is respected worldwide and provides a unique blend of skills to help people and businesses succeed. Thus, studying CIMA’s CGMA Professional Qualification to attain the ACMA, FCMA, and CGMA designations will power up your career. The CIMA CGMA PQ will ensure you’re among the most able, sought-after, and valued employees in the world. To become an Associate Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA) or Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) requires discipline, smart hard-work, and dedication—but remember, you’re not alone. That’s why we are here to walk with you every step of the journey to success and guide you.

Contemporary Training is a CIMA-registered tuition provider with a mandate to help you qualify as a Chartered Global Management Accountant in the shortest possible time and at the least possible cost. At CIMA, we don’t just teach theory; we impart the skills and expertise that entrepreneurs need and that businesses and employers worldwide are looking for. Be on demand and enjoy work and life through CIMA (CGMA).


What is CIMA Professional Qualification

In summary, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Professional Qualification is recognised as the most relevant global finance qualification for a career in business, finance, or accounting. CIMA qualifications are respected worldwide and provide a unique blend of skills to help people and businesses succeed. 

The CIMA Professional Qualification Structure

The CIMA Professional Qualification (CGMA PQ) is divided into three sub-qualifications or levels. These are the operational level (Diploma in Management Accounting), the management level (Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting), and the strategic level (ACMA or CGMA designation). Each CIMA level has three subject areas (E, F, and P) and a case study; thus, under the CIMA PQ traditional method of study and assessment, each level has a total of four exams made up of three objective tests (OT) exams (E, F, and P) and a case study exam.

The OT exams can be taken in any order, but you may only sit for the case study exam after passing all three OT modules of that level. If you opt for the CIMA Finance Leadership Program (CIMA FLP program), then you will not sit for the OT exams as you will be continuously assessed as you learn on the FLP platform and proceed with the 3 subject areas. This means that you still study for the same syllabus and subjects as the traditional CIMA PQ, but you will only sit for the Case Study Exams. For an in-depth outline of the different CIMA methods of study and assessment, please read here:


The CIMA Operational Level (Diploma in Management Accounting) is at NQF Level 6. The CIMA Management level (Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting) is at NQF level 7, and the full CIMA (CGMA) Professional Qualification, which comes with the designations of Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA) and Chartered Global Management Accountant, is at NQF level 8—the highest level that can be awarded to a professional qualification in South Africa.

CIMA Syllabus

CIMA Professional Qualification Exams

All CIMA exams are taken online, either at a testing centre or from the comfort of your own home or office. The OT exams can be taken in any order, but the case study exam can only be taken after you have passed all three OT modules of that level. Generally, the CIMA pass mark translates to around 70%, which means you need a scaled score of at least 100 points out of 150 to pass the OT subjects and at least 80 to pass the case study.

If you opt for the CIMA Finance Leadership Program (CIMA FLP Program), then you will not take the OT exams but instead be assessed continuously after each topic or area. This means under the CIMA FLP, you will only take 3 case study exams to complete the entire CIMA Professional Qualification, i.e., one exam per level: the operational level case study exam, the management level case study exam, and the strategic level case study exam. Each OT exam has 60 questions and is 90 minutes long. Case study exams are 3 hours long. All you need to know about the CIMA CGMA Finance Leadership Program (CIMA FLP Program) is here:

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CIMA Professional Qualification Student Registration

To register for your CIMA studies, you need to 1st check the exemptions you are eligible to apply for as this will determine your registration route and the level at which you may commence your CIMA Studies at. We can assist you with CIMA student registration and to get started with your CIMA studies free of charge – just send the following documents with a request for CIMA registration to Documents needed are your ID copy, all your certificates including transcripts, CV and your address. Alternatively, you may register as a CIMA student on your own via this link:

CIMA Registration will need be confirmed by payment of the CIMA Registration fee which we will include on your invoice unless you indicate that you will pay it separately using other methods. CIMA Exemptions are only confirmed to students who would have paid the registration fees – this means the CIMA registration fee will need to be settled as soon as possible before or during exemptions application.

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CIMA Professional Qualification Exemptions

CIMA exemptions may be applied based on your qualifications or based on your work experience through the CIMA Global Special Pathways. We can precheck the exemptions which you are eligible to apply for and also assist you with the exemption application process free of charge – just send a request for your exemptions to be checked together with copies of your certificates and transcripts to

Alternatively you may check the exemptions you are eligible to apply for via this link: If you need to apply for exemptions based on your work experience, please send us your well detailed resume and we will guide you on the steps to take. Should you not have any qualification or appropriate work experience to qualify you to register for the CIMA professional qualification then you will 1st have to study the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (CIMA Certificate level) which is an entry qualification to the CIMA Professional Qualification and a qualification on its own right – SAQA accredited at NQF 5. This means that anyone with basic competence in Maths and English Language (completed O level / Grade 11) can get started with their CIMA studies and go up the ladder.

Steps to Get Started with Your CIMA Studies.

You can register for CIMA and get started with your studies anytime, depending on the study option you choose. To begin your CIMA studies, you must first identify the exemptions you are eligible to apply for. Exemptions will determine your registration route and the level at which you will begin your CIMA studies. If you are unsure about your potential exemptions or the level at which you can start your CIMA studies, we can help. Simply send us ( your CV and qualifications. We will then advise you or notify you of the exemptions for which you are eligible to apply.

Once  you you’ve identified your exemptions you must then choose the best study path or option for you. One can choose to study through the Objective tests path or the CIMA Finance Leadership (CIMA FLP) path. For an overview of the study options we offer, click here.  Request a quote (via this link: ) to know the fees associated with your registration and studies.

Once you have accepted the quote by making payment or requesting and completing our payment terms form, you will then receive all the resources and begin studying. We will handle all the other administrative or registration processes on your behalf. To learn more about the CGMA FLP route, please read here:

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CIMA Professional Qualification Study Costs

Depending on the study route or study option chosen, our CIMA Tuition Class fees range from as little as R1500 per module up tonaround R60k per level. Self-sponsored students may pay their fees in instalments, interest free and all students can benefit from our pass guarantee policy. To get an accurate cost estimate for your CIMA registration and studies, please request a quote via this link:

Where to study CIMA – CIMA Tuition Provider South Africa

Contemporary Training is the place to study CIMA in South Africa and Africa. As a registered CIMA Tuition Provider, we offer CIMA Exam Preparation Tuition Class Sessions through 4 study options. These study options are CIMA FLP, Live Virtual Class sessions, Self-study and Self-study Premium. Click here for more info about our various study options. You can register anytime and get started with your studies anytime through the CIMA FLP, Self-study or Self-study Premium options. Under the Live Virtual class sessions, we have 4 semesters a year both for Case studies and  for Objective Tests (OT) subjects (E, F, P). Our OT semesters are generally about 3 months long and our Case study semesters are generally about 6 weeks long. Our class sessions will equip you with all you need to be competent to pass your exams. 

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