CIMA Exemptions, CIMA Registration, and CIMA Entry Requirements

CIMA Professional Qualification Registration, Exemptions and Entry Requirements.

Entry (registration) requirements for the CIMA Professional Qualification. You can register for CIMA and get started with your studies anytime, depending on the study option you choose. The level at which you will begin your CIMA studies depends on the CIMA Exemptions you will get, if any.

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) may award exemptions based on Qualifications or work experience. The CIMA Professional qualification entry or registration requirements is the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting. A relevant degree or diploma in Finance, Accounting, Management or Business can qualify you for the CIMA Professional qualification registration if it can get you exempted from the CIMA Certificate level.

CIMA Foundation level or Certificate Level minimum entry requirements are simply basic competence in English and Mathematics. In other words CIMA Registration is open to all. The level at which you begin your  CIMA Qualification studies is dependent on CIMA exemptions  you you get on registration. Before registration you can check your exemptions using the CIMA CGMA exemptions calculator here.

What to know before Registering as a CIMA Student

CIMA Registration Routes/ Study Paths

There are two main CIMA registration or study routes, the CGMA FLP and the Objective Tests Study Path. Under each study route, there are a variety of study options. The CIMA FLP Subscription study options and the Objective Tests route study options.

CIMA registration routes

Any prospective CIMA student who wants to register for CIMA can choose to register either under the CIMA Objective Tests (Traditional/ old) Route or the CIMA FLP route. The main difference between these two routes are the methods of assessment and the fact that CIMA FLP is an online learning platform. For an in-depth about the CIMA study Routes click here.

Know Your CIMA Exemptions

Generally, under the CIMA FLP route, the exemptions are as follows. You will start your CIMA studies at the Strategic level if you are a SAICA member or a holder of certain memberships in IFAC recognised bodies. Someone with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting may commence their CIMA studies at the Management level. A degree holder in Bachelor of Business Studies or a related field may commence their studies at the operational level. 

The Objective Tests Study path offers similar exemptions as above. To check your exemptions using the CIMA CGMA exemptions calculator click here.  Once you know your starting point you can then get started with the enrollment process.  Get started by clicking here to request a quote for your preferred study path and study option.

CIMA Finance Leadership Program (FLP) Exemptions
CIMA Finance Leadership Program (FLP) Exemptions

Register for CIMA and study with us.

To study with us, you simply need to go through the above and choose a registration route (study path) and a study option which best suit your needs. This means that when you have made a choice of a registration route you can then request a quote through this link. After you have received your quote and you are happy with it, you can then therefore confirm your CIMA registration and enrolment with us.

CIMA registration and enrolment is confirmed by accepting the quote through making a payment or requesting & completing our payment terms form. We are ready to answer any questions you might have, please email or WhatsAp/ Call 0115686594.

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