The CIMA Strategic level is the final level of the CIMA Professional Qualification and it consist of three subject areas and a Case Study. The three subject areas / Objective Tests subjects are:

  • E3: Strategic Management
  • P3: Risk Management
  • F3: Financial Strategy

The Strategic level focuses on long term strategic decision making. Candidates will be able to support organisational leaders to craft strategy; evaluate and manage risks that might prevent organisations from successfully implementing strategy; value organisations; and source financial resources required to implement strategy.

CIMA Strategic Level Exams

The CIMA Strategic level Objectives Tests Exams – CIMA E3, F3 and P3 exams can be sat in any order but you may only sit for the CIMA Strategic case study exam after passing all these 3 OT modules. We recommend Students to take E3 & P3 1st and then F3 in the following semester.

Upon passing all the 4 exams (CIMA P3, E3, F3 & Strategic Case Study) and successful completion of the CIMA Practical Experience Requirements (CIMA PER), students will be admitted to associate membership and granted the Associate Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA) and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designations which is SAQA and QCTO registered at NQF level 8.

CIMA Finance Leadership Programme – CIMA FLP Program If you opt to study through the CIMA Finance Leadership Programme (CIMA FLP program) in South Africa, then you will not sit for the OT exams but rather be assessed continuously while you learn (instead of taking objective tests). This means you will then only need to sit for and pass the CIMA Strategic Case Study Exam to be awarded a QCTO Occupational Certificate: Chartered Management Accountant

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CIMA Strategic Level Registration

To register for the CIMA Strategic Level, you need either the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting or a relevant Degree/ Diploma/ Work Experience/ a Professional Qualification which can qualify you for exemptions up to the CIMA Strategic level.  This means when wanting to register to study the full CIMA Qualification or any of its part qualifications, the first step is to check the exemptions you are eligible to apply for as this will determine your registration route and the level at which you may commence your CIMA Studies at.

We can assist you with the CIMA Student Registration process, free of charge. To get started with your CIMA studies – just send the following documents with a request for CIMA registration/ to Documents needed are your ID copy, all your certificates including transcripts, your address and your phone number. Alternatively, you may register as a CIMA student on your own via this link:

CIMA Registration will need to be confirmed by payment of the CIMA Registration fee which we will include on your invoice unless you indicate that you will pay it separately using other methods. CIMA Exemptions are only confirmed to students who would have paid the registration fees – this means the CIMA registration fee will need to be settled as soon as possible before or during exemptions application.

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CIMA Exemptions

CIMA awards exemptions based on either your qualification or your work experience. We can assist you with checking for CIMA Exemptions and free of charge. To get to know the CIMA Exemptions you are eligible to apply for and hence the CIMA level at which you may commence your CIMA studies – just send the following documents with a request for CIMA exemptions check/ to Documents needed are all your certificates including transcripts and/or CV. Alternatively, you check the exemptions you are eligible to apply for on your own via this link

Where To Study CIMA

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Our CIMA Tuition Classes are a full Exam preparation package where you will be imparted with all the knowledge, competencies and techniques which will enable you to pass your CIMA Strategic level Exams. Below is a schedule of our CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting Classes.

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